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Founded in Vienna by Dr. Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, soon became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. Today AKG is synonymous with good sound, stands for passion in music providing the highest quality and ongoing innovation in the world of music. The company was founded in 1947 and within months, the first AKG microphones were being used in radio stations, theatres and Jazz-Clubs. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment.

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AudioQuest has been the largest cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest is sold in several hundred outlets in the US and in over sixty countries.

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Audio Research

Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating manufacturers in American audio. The company was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with one goal in mind: to advance the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Today, Audio Research remains a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design.

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Bowers & Wilkins, or B&W, is an English company that produces audio equipment, most notably loudspeakers. B&W was founded in 1966 by John Bowers at Worthing, West Sussex, England. Currently, B&W, while still based in Worthing, is part of the B&W Group Ltd, which also includes audio equipment manufacturers Rotel and Classé.

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German loudspeaker tradition. In 1972, four hi-fi enthusiasts joined together with the goal of always producing the best speakers of their class. The founding partners were Hubert Milbers, Otfried Sandig, Günther Seitz and Wolfgang Seikritt.

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Classé is a Canadian manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, such as amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and source components. Classé produced its first power amplifier in 1980. In 2001, Classé became part of the Bowers & Wilkins Group.

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Denon is a Japanese electronics company that was involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology, while specializing in the manufacture of high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. The Denon brand was first established in 1947 when “Nippon Columbia” merged with “Japan Denki Onkyo”. Today, the company specializes in professional and consumer home cinema and audio equipment including A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, tuners, headphones, and wireless music systems.

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Devialet, is bringing out a major innovation in the world of audio. It's a new amplification technology which allows a flawless sound reproduction like never before : the real live and lossless sensation! This is what Devialet has invented after four years of uncompromised research and development, the technology that can make this live and lossless sound comes true.

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Dune HD

Dune HD is recognized as a global leader in high-performance digital media players. Over the last five years Dune HD has received more awards than any other company in the category for delivering the very best in networked digital media devices.

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Harman/Kardon is a division of Harman International Industries and manufactures home and car audio equipment. It was founded in 1953 by Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon.

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JBL is an American audio electronics company founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. Their primary products are loudspeakers and associated electronics. There are two independent divisions within the company — JBL Consumer and JBL Professional.

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Klipsch Audio is an American loudspeaker company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded in Hope, Arkansas in 1946 as 'Klipsch and Associates' by Paul W. Klipsch, the company produces loudspeaker drivers and enclosures, as well as complete loudspeakers for high end, high fidelity sound systems, public address applications, and personal computers.

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Renowned for the invention of the original stereophones, Koss has been pioneering hi-fi since 1958 - three generations of American ingenuity, integrity and incomparable quality.

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The company was founded in Berlin in 1923 by brothers Siegmund and David L. Loewe. The company has its headquarters and sole production facilities in Kronach, Franconia. Today, the range has expanded to include televisions, Blu-ray players, DVD recorders, hard disk recorders, multiroom systems, speakers and racks. The trend is shifting from individual products to complete home entertainment systems.

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Marantz is an American-Japanese company that develops and sells high-end audio products. For more than half a century, the name Marantz has identified the best in home entertainment. And today, even in the midst of burgeoning and often confusing technology, these components still emulate the vision that originally drove Saul Marantz to expand the sensory horizons of even the most demanding aficionados.

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McIntosh Laboratory is an American manufacturer of handcrafted high-end audio equipment based in Binghamton, New York. The company was founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh.[1] McIntosh is highly recognizable for their black glass front panels, "McIntosh Blue" amplifier power meters and iconic logo.

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Pro-Ject Audio

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is a manufacturer of audiophile equipment, founded in 1990 by Heinz Lichtenegger and located in Austria. It produces a range of audio equipment including a family of turntables.

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We are a family owned, 50-year-old business, whose success has been earned by devoting our efforts to nothing else but making audio/video products for fanatics like ourselves.

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Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products. The company was founded in September 1912 and takes its name from one of its founder's first inventions, the Ever-Sharp mechanical pencil. Since 2000, Sharp has heavily invested in LCD panel manufacturing plants; Kameyama in 2004, Sakai in 2009. The Sakai plant is still the only 10th generation LCD manufacturing plant on the globe and best fit for production of 60 inch or larger panels.

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Founded in 1995, SIM2 is an Italian electronics company and worldwide manufacturer of award winning home theater products and leading provider of high-performance large screen systems (for control rooms, information, communication, and simulation) and professional projection systems for E–cinema applications.

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Sonus faber

Sonus faber was established in 1983 and produces premium handcrafted and beautifully designed loudspeakers. Based in the historic city of Vicenza, Italy, Sonus faber's designs incorporate finely polished wood, leather and metal to create equisite works of audio art.

All Sonus faber loudspeakers blend science and craftmanship to deliver emotion and music. The Sonus faber name lies behind a tale of a passion for music so deep, that it goes beyond passive listening, giving life to something new. Experience the very finest the world has to offer in loudspeaker design.

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Wadia Digital represents the finest in digital audio performance and we strive to develop components that balance our knowledge of technology with a passion for music - to create inspiring musical experiences that exceed every expectation. Our goal is to connect you with the sounds, the experiences, and the music of your life.

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Since 1887, when it began producing reed organs, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan (then Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.) has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other computer related products.

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